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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So It's Week 11 ......

I figured I would just fast forward to present day since its been so long since my last updates. I now have blogger on my iPhone so I'm hoping I will post more!

The name of my blog is a day in the life of.... And that's exactly what I'm going to talk about. I'm a new mom of a beautiful blue eyed boy who is the spitting image of Jerbob, my husband. And man oh man does he keep me busy. My house is usually a wreck and I can never get my laundry caught up. It's so frustrating. I'm used to a routine and now that lil Easton is here that routine is nonexistent. His routine is to need me at the worst possible moment. For example last night I had just got him fed and to sleep. I sigh with relief and start to lay down myself. A little side note, when you have a newborn sleep feels amazing no matter what position or time of day it occurs. I lay my head down on my soft fluffy pillow and Easton looses his pacifier.... So, I have to rise up and put it back in his mouth. I watch him patiently until he falls back to sleep. I try to lay down again and I swear as soon as I lay my head down and snuggle in he spits out his paci! This usually continues for about an hour.

Easton has been sleeping better though. Once he was asleep last night he slept from 11:30 til 3:40! He's just started doing this recently so I'm so happy to be getting a lil more sleep all at once. This morning he went back to sleep until around 7am. Our mornings are usually lazy. I've never been a morning person so we usually lounge on the couch. I have my morning coffee and Easton enjoys his paci. Then I lay him on his playmat, turn on cartoons, and try to do some housework. He will usually be content with this for about an hour. Side thought... Has anyone ever really watched/listened to cartoons? There are sone strange stuff on TV these days. I sometimes get annoyed with them and turn on music instead. Then he gets hungry. I'm still breast feeding and extremely proud of the fact! I have wanted to quite a number of times. But Easton is doing so well with it I don't want to rock the boat. Breast feeding can be so tiring. I haven't gotten my period yet so this will make it officially 14 months without a period. I have to say I kind of miss it.....
Anyway, back to breast feeding, Easton latched on from the minute he was born and has done great ever since. I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones. Im still not sure how long I'll nurse.

One thing that has been bothering me about breast feeding is when I feed Easton in public. People get so offended by it. I get stared at and when some stare it's with nasty looks. I don't understand? I've always thought a mother feeding her child was a beautiful and natural thing. One woman said I should nurse in private and I said what would you rather me do sit in a dirty bathroom stall?! She snapped back I don't know but that's just animalistic! I couldn't believe it! I just politely responded, I have every right to feed my baby at least I'm using a nursing cover I technically don't even have to do that! The nerve of some people!

Lets see change of mood... Funny moments since Easton's been here? He's pooped up my arm, while I was changing his diaper, Peed on Jerbob numerous times, non in the facial region yet ;), and has been named The Baby of 1,000 Faces! He makes some of the funniest faces! We all just sit and watch him it's so fascinating. He is absolutely fascinating!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


<----------Day of Induction (WOW Mama!!)

Well what started as a pregnancy blog will now have to transform into a new mom blog. Almost three months ago I gave birth to my baby boy! The one you all have been reading about in my previous posts. He kicked and grew to the size of a healthy 8 lbs 12 oz bouncing ball of joy! After 23 hours of labor my beautiful son was finally here! Easton Jarrett was born on February 14, 2012 at 5:04 pm.

Now after telling you all about the birth, being the honest person that I am. I have to tell you about the days after delivering. Ya know, the days that no one speaks about. I read every birthing book I could get my hands on and in all that reading there was not one thing that prepared me for what happens to your body after the baby is born. I'm not sure if I mentioned in my earlier posts about wanting to deliver Easton as naturally as possible but that was my plan. I had to be induced so I went a solid 13 hours without pain medicine. My body just wouldn't cooperate and that led to making the dreaded decision of getting an epidural. In the hours after his delivery I was completely numb from the waist down. This I had prepared for and was not happy. The entire reason I decided against the epidural was so I wouldn't be confined to a bed. Needless to say I was thrilled when I could get up and walk again. I wanted to rock my baby boy and feel a little bit normal.

Fast forward to the days at home I felt like someone had taken a hammer and smacked me repeatedly between  my legs! It was terrible.. I couldn't get comfortable and I had to wear the diaper pads for almost two weeks longer than I was told I would. Plus, I had terrible hemorrhoids! In those weeks I would sit and blame the epidural for all my pain. I imagined the epidural was a person and I wanted to cause a lot of pain to that thought process was that if I hadn't gotten the epidural then I would have been able to feel when to push and I wouldn't have over pushed. I know now that I may have had the same symptoms if I had delivered naturally but I had to have someone or something to blame for the pain.

My son kept my thoughts off the pain for the most part though. He is such a little joy. When he smiles my entire body swells up with love I could just explode. I had heard the saying all my life that the love you have for your children is something completely different. I couldn't imagine my world without him now. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

And It's Day 219!

I started this blog planning on posting every week but it has instead turned into every month. However, doing it this way makes for lots of funny stories.

Where to begin? Well, I suppose I should say that I am now 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant and definitely feeling it. I now weigh around 141 pounds. That means I've gained 26 big ones! Doc says I'm right on track! My doctor is so sweet and every time I go for a check-up I feel sorry for the guy. He has to deal with me and all my nagging questions and concerns. I wonder how many women he has like me.

I'm not the biggest fan of doctors or doctor's offices. I tend to become very anxious while there. I mean when your pregnant and you go to these routine check-ups after awhile it starts to feel emotionless and boring. They do the same things every time.

-blood pressure
-pee in a cup
-wait for half an hour or longer to see Dr.
-check heart beat
-schedule next appointment

I just want to go in there and pour blue Gatorade into the urine sample cup just to get a rise out of these people.
I've also been sick lately with a cold or flu or something. I was still going to work feeling really crummy and this past week I started feeling really strange. It felt like my heart was beating in my head and then suddenly I got dizzy and saw black spots. The whole room went topsy turny. I called the doctor's office and they told me to head into the labor and delivery area of the hospital as soon as possible. I called Jerbob and away we went. When we got there they put me in a room and told me to get undressed and put on a gown. Jerbob was helping me put on the gown so I wouldn't fall. The gown had all these buttons and ties on it and we could not figure out how to get it on me properly. Jerbob was getting so frustrated buttoning and unbuttoning this gown.  I began to laugh, we had to of been trying to get that thing on me for 20 minutes. We finally lined all the buttons up enough to cover me. The nurses did some tests and said I just had an infection and needed rest and an antibiotic. That was our fist visit to the labor and delivery floor.

One symptom of pregnancy I just have to mention is forgetfulness. I have deemed this pregnancy Alzheimer's. It happens all the time. I will forget momentarily how to turn on my cars headlights, or where my phone is, and my favorite doing things without realizing it. For example, I went to take off my make-up the other night and I washed my face then preceded to take off my eye make-up. Luckily before I got the cotton ball to my face I smelled finger nail polish remover...... I stopped and looked at the cotton ball in my hand, sure enough I had put nail polish remover instead of make-up remover on the cotton ball. Oops.

One other pregnancy symptom that is creeping me out are all the dreams. I have the most bizarre dreams. These dreams range from past experiences amped up to the day I deliver. My most recent and bizarre was that I was at a Tennessee football game with a black spider. Then I was on the porch deck of my old house in labor. I gave birth to a baby fox. Another strange one, I was at my doctors appointment waiting to see the doctor. My mom was there and we were talking about how bad we wanted to see the baby. So, I just decided we would have a look. He came out fully clothed and we were holding him and cooing. Then I said, "Oh, no I have to put him back in the doctor's coming!"

That being said I have 7 weeks left of my pregnancy and I'm starting to get super nervous about the delivery. So, I went on YouTube the other day to do some research. I mean I haven't seen a birthing video since middle school. Big mistake. The videos only freaked me out more! Needless to say I will not have a mirror between my legs during my birth!
Seeing that first hand will definitely change the way I look at my vagina forever. And I already told Jerbob that his butt better stay right up near my head or I will punch him!

I also tried zumba recently. I'm sure I looked like a big fat goob trying to learn all these hip shaking moves but I had a blast. All the other women found it amusing I'm sure, that when I couldn't do a move I just made up my own. Most of these made-up moves resembled the dish washer and chicken dance. Zumba will definitely get your rear in shape though, the next morning I was sore all over. I unfortunately won't be able to do zumba for the remainder of my pregnancy but this chick has definitely found a new work out routine for  losing post-baby weight.

Jerbob is getting really excited about his baby boy too. So excited that I had to beg him to help me set up our Lil guy's baby corner, as we call it. We live in a one bedroom house so no baby room just yet. My persisting need to re-organize and re-decorate I've been told is called nesting. Men apparently do not have the nesting instinct. I see this as just another excuse for me to bug the crap out of Jerbob to get him to hang and re-hang pictures and move furniture weekly. He loves it. Along with the nightly back and feet rubs. ;) I adore being pregnant for this reason. I can't get him to paint my toe nails yet but I'm still working on it. ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dreaded WADDLE!

Well, ladies and gentlemen I have officially been deemed a cute pregnant chick! Yes, not trying to brag because while being told this I usually feel like my stomach is pulling me around and turning my once graceful (haha yea right) gate into a waddle. I have no idea why I have tried so hard to fight the infamous waddle that pregnant women have. I suppose in my warped mind I thought I could walk normally my entire pregnancy.
I was told in the restroom by my mother, who I work with, to stop complaining about the waddle! She said and I quote, "just wait until he falls down into your vagina and you walk like this!" She began to walk with her shoulders back, knees slightly bent, and legs hip width apart. She looked like she just pooped her pants! I burst out laughing and for the next two minutes I mimicked her hilarious walk and began to strut around the ladies room. Luckily no one came in to witness this atrocious behavior.

Not only am I the cutest pregnant chick on the block but now if I am met with a set of stairs everyone, and I mean everyone, turns around to stare and help me down. Its the most bizarre thing. It makes me feel important though, until I remember my large stomach. Also, I assume out of pure fear, if I am walking toward a group of people they will scatter or stop to open a door for me. Another challenge are bathroom stalls. Why in the world do the stall doors swing on a hinge inward? I have twice now smacked myself in the side of the face trying to exit the bathroom stall. It usually goes like this, I do my business then stand up to try and walk out but my stomach catches on the door which swings back in, to hit me square on my cheek. One would think I would eventually learn to use the handicap stall.

My lil jelly bean has also had hiccups on several occasions. Its the wildest feeling especially if his head is facing downward. Everytime he hiccups it feels like someone is tickling me from the inside.

 I have always thought pregnant women were beautiful, and I know now as a pregnant woman that being told that makes up for the feeling that you look fat. I have to say the added weight is a shock at first. I was used to being 115lbs soaking wet and now I weight 131. Every time I see my belly I can't help but smile. As crazy as it sounds I know it will all be worth it.

Here I am! 27 weeks!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My lil Miracle

I thought I would blog today about the joy I feel knowing I am pregnant. What a miracle it all truly is. My last few posts have been about all the negative things going on in my pregnancy so far. And might I say their have been quite a few negative things occur. This ultra sound picture was taken at 14 weeks and 2 days, the day I had my appendectomy. I was so scared for my baby the entire time when they took me back for the ultra sound. I had no idea at this point if the pain I was feeling had to do with my baby or not. I kept praying through all the pain that my lil miracle would be ok.
During the ultra sound what we now know was a he, waved at us while they were measuring and checking for anything wrong. It was the most amazing thing seeing his little hand come up. I honestly felt like he was saying I'm ok mom.
So anyway they figured out it wasn't the baby just my darn appendix which hurt like nothing I have ever felt before in my life.
Although I had to have surgery that day it was so wonderful to hear the heartbeat every hour and to finally have some pictures of my baby to show off. I have no idea how I can love something so much.                   My baby boy at 22 weeks

I am now still feeling sick with what the doctor says is just normal pregnancy stuff. I need to be careful what I eat and blah, blah, blah. I didn't get to do anything I wanted this weekend which depressed me. I got up yesterday morning determined to carve pumpkins with my friends and family. I did and am very proud of myself because as soon as they left I ran straight to the bathroom. I couldn't believe I lasted as long as I did. Today isn't much better, all night I was up and down with stomach cramps and bad gas. Poor Jer-bob almost opted to sleep outside in his truck. Yes, it was that bad.
But its all worth it, that little hand waving at me made it all worth it. Let's just hope I'm less gassy tomorrow otherwise the students in my classes are going to be begging me to go home. ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Round 2

I am in day 2 of this stomach thing and couldn't be more exhausted and miserable. On a sunny note my lil cooking bundle of joy, who I forgot to mention was a boy, has been very active over the past 48 hours. The movement I feel is insane at this point in the pregnancy. It's no longer just a subtle movement where you question if its gas or not, it is a full blown kick or sometimes a complete roll. These rolls can sometimes cause a spontaneous urge to pee. Jeez, gotta love it though.

I mentioned in my last post about people telling you their pregnancy horror stories, well I heard another one that scared the shit out of me. This particular story, or comment I should say, came from a man. He looked at me seriously and said, "hey you know that a human fetus is a parasite?" I just looked at him with my mouth probably gaping open. Who says something like that? So for the past week this man's comment has haunted me. Everytime I felt weak, tired, or extremely hungry I thought my baby's like a parasite?
Obviously, I don't really feel that way about my lil jelly bean but the comment still shook me up.  Stupid men.

Jer-bob, my husband, cooked me dinner last night since I was feeling sick. Poor thing, Instead of fixing me a can of veggie soup or a baked potato he cooks chicken nuggets. Love his heart. After explaining how to cook the chicken he brings me a plate with a proud face and says, "aren't you glad you married a guy who cooks!" 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starting A Tad Late.....

We can start my journey by summing it up to this point rather quickly. Met a guy, fell in goo goo eyed love, he proposed (SHOCKER!), had lots of sex, missed my period the month before my wedding (OOPS!), found out I was pregnant (YAY!), got married, and now i'm getting fat with baby love. ;) (WHEE!)

Yep, that's my life in one long silly sentence up to this point. I am at the moment 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant, for those of you that don't speak baby language I'm about 5 1/2 months along, and getting more robust in my mid-section daily. *see image*
                                                     Before- 16 weeks
                                                   Now- 22 weeks (YIKES!)

 I started this blog so that I can not only write out my pregnancy woes but include other strange people like myself in this bizarre journey I've found myself on. I have always wanted kids but at the ripe age of 21, a baby was not the first on my 'oh yes sign me up' list. However, as this experience progressed I find myself excited and terrified.

Ok, first off you know how every woman in your life that has ever had children begins telling you their terrifying baby stories as soon as you say, "i'm pregnant!". Why do women do this? A way of revenge? It's my first child for god's sake and just because your baby was born with one ear and caused you to have constant diarrhea your entire pregnancy does not mean mine will! Jeez ladies! If you are planning to get pregnant just wait for these women.  

Now, I am today starting this silly blog because I woke up this morning with the worst case of diarrhea I have ever had. Along with last nights dose of heart burn. My pregnancy was supposed to get easier. I assured myself of this after I returned home from my honeymoon 3 months pregnant and had to be rushed to the emergency room to have my angry appendix removed. Yes, angry appendix, that is what the cute doctor told me. So, this spout of diarrhea is so not wanted. I'm told sickness comes with pregnancy along with other things.

Example A-
Sunday morning I woke up alone in my room. My husband, who we will call Jer-bob, works like a steam engine. He wakes up at 5:30 a.m. goes to his day job at a local telephone company 5 days a week installing fiberoptic phone cables and if your wondering yes, he's the guy who tears up your yard. Jer-bob then works with his father who owns a semi-large farm in the evenings and on the weekends.
Back to my story, I wake up alone on Sunday morning as usual and begin to cry uncontrollably. I am not a crier. I get up and force myself to eat a large sugar cookie to sooth my nerves. I feel better and go to the bathroom. I made the mistake of turning and looking at myself in the bathrooms full body mirror...... I begin to cry again. I feel utterly huge and hideous. Who in their right mind would want to spend time with this! Frustrated I take a quick shower and start to fix my face and hair. I can't stand any of it. I call my husband hoping he will calm this raging batch of emotions going on inside me. I say, "hey come home I made bisquits". If he has an excuse he can usually get away from his boss/dad.
Jer-bob comes home briefly to eat then leaves. This is not at all what I wanted. I want to spend the day with my husband! So, with all my emotions and hormones boiling I peel out of my drive-way and head strait to where Jer-bob and his dad/boss are working. I am thinking somewhat clearly so I know if I get out of my car and cuss out my father-in-law it will piss off my husband..... so instead I pull into the drive and stare daggers at him, blaming him for my ruined Sunday!

 Example B-
I'm so horny!! I suppose this is normal based on what google told me when I typed in horny and pregnant. Is this just another way your body punishes you? Ok, i'm pregnant gaining 2 pounds or more a week and I am the horn to the horn dog. Jer-bob is some what interested but he isn't up to doing the naughty with the new me on most occasions. Why don't you just put a not sexy sign on my growing belly and a rearing to go sign on my crotch! So unfair.