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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My lil Miracle

I thought I would blog today about the joy I feel knowing I am pregnant. What a miracle it all truly is. My last few posts have been about all the negative things going on in my pregnancy so far. And might I say their have been quite a few negative things occur. This ultra sound picture was taken at 14 weeks and 2 days, the day I had my appendectomy. I was so scared for my baby the entire time when they took me back for the ultra sound. I had no idea at this point if the pain I was feeling had to do with my baby or not. I kept praying through all the pain that my lil miracle would be ok.
During the ultra sound what we now know was a he, waved at us while they were measuring and checking for anything wrong. It was the most amazing thing seeing his little hand come up. I honestly felt like he was saying I'm ok mom.
So anyway they figured out it wasn't the baby just my darn appendix which hurt like nothing I have ever felt before in my life.
Although I had to have surgery that day it was so wonderful to hear the heartbeat every hour and to finally have some pictures of my baby to show off. I have no idea how I can love something so much.                   My baby boy at 22 weeks

I am now still feeling sick with what the doctor says is just normal pregnancy stuff. I need to be careful what I eat and blah, blah, blah. I didn't get to do anything I wanted this weekend which depressed me. I got up yesterday morning determined to carve pumpkins with my friends and family. I did and am very proud of myself because as soon as they left I ran straight to the bathroom. I couldn't believe I lasted as long as I did. Today isn't much better, all night I was up and down with stomach cramps and bad gas. Poor Jer-bob almost opted to sleep outside in his truck. Yes, it was that bad.
But its all worth it, that little hand waving at me made it all worth it. Let's just hope I'm less gassy tomorrow otherwise the students in my classes are going to be begging me to go home. ;)

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