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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dreaded WADDLE!

Well, ladies and gentlemen I have officially been deemed a cute pregnant chick! Yes, not trying to brag because while being told this I usually feel like my stomach is pulling me around and turning my once graceful (haha yea right) gate into a waddle. I have no idea why I have tried so hard to fight the infamous waddle that pregnant women have. I suppose in my warped mind I thought I could walk normally my entire pregnancy.
I was told in the restroom by my mother, who I work with, to stop complaining about the waddle! She said and I quote, "just wait until he falls down into your vagina and you walk like this!" She began to walk with her shoulders back, knees slightly bent, and legs hip width apart. She looked like she just pooped her pants! I burst out laughing and for the next two minutes I mimicked her hilarious walk and began to strut around the ladies room. Luckily no one came in to witness this atrocious behavior.

Not only am I the cutest pregnant chick on the block but now if I am met with a set of stairs everyone, and I mean everyone, turns around to stare and help me down. Its the most bizarre thing. It makes me feel important though, until I remember my large stomach. Also, I assume out of pure fear, if I am walking toward a group of people they will scatter or stop to open a door for me. Another challenge are bathroom stalls. Why in the world do the stall doors swing on a hinge inward? I have twice now smacked myself in the side of the face trying to exit the bathroom stall. It usually goes like this, I do my business then stand up to try and walk out but my stomach catches on the door which swings back in, to hit me square on my cheek. One would think I would eventually learn to use the handicap stall.

My lil jelly bean has also had hiccups on several occasions. Its the wildest feeling especially if his head is facing downward. Everytime he hiccups it feels like someone is tickling me from the inside.

 I have always thought pregnant women were beautiful, and I know now as a pregnant woman that being told that makes up for the feeling that you look fat. I have to say the added weight is a shock at first. I was used to being 115lbs soaking wet and now I weight 131. Every time I see my belly I can't help but smile. As crazy as it sounds I know it will all be worth it.

Here I am! 27 weeks!

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  1. So cute. It IS all definitely worth it! I'm glad you're keeping this record of how you feel.