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Monday, December 19, 2011

And It's Day 219!

I started this blog planning on posting every week but it has instead turned into every month. However, doing it this way makes for lots of funny stories.

Where to begin? Well, I suppose I should say that I am now 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant and definitely feeling it. I now weigh around 141 pounds. That means I've gained 26 big ones! Doc says I'm right on track! My doctor is so sweet and every time I go for a check-up I feel sorry for the guy. He has to deal with me and all my nagging questions and concerns. I wonder how many women he has like me.

I'm not the biggest fan of doctors or doctor's offices. I tend to become very anxious while there. I mean when your pregnant and you go to these routine check-ups after awhile it starts to feel emotionless and boring. They do the same things every time.

-blood pressure
-pee in a cup
-wait for half an hour or longer to see Dr.
-check heart beat
-schedule next appointment

I just want to go in there and pour blue Gatorade into the urine sample cup just to get a rise out of these people.
I've also been sick lately with a cold or flu or something. I was still going to work feeling really crummy and this past week I started feeling really strange. It felt like my heart was beating in my head and then suddenly I got dizzy and saw black spots. The whole room went topsy turny. I called the doctor's office and they told me to head into the labor and delivery area of the hospital as soon as possible. I called Jerbob and away we went. When we got there they put me in a room and told me to get undressed and put on a gown. Jerbob was helping me put on the gown so I wouldn't fall. The gown had all these buttons and ties on it and we could not figure out how to get it on me properly. Jerbob was getting so frustrated buttoning and unbuttoning this gown.  I began to laugh, we had to of been trying to get that thing on me for 20 minutes. We finally lined all the buttons up enough to cover me. The nurses did some tests and said I just had an infection and needed rest and an antibiotic. That was our fist visit to the labor and delivery floor.

One symptom of pregnancy I just have to mention is forgetfulness. I have deemed this pregnancy Alzheimer's. It happens all the time. I will forget momentarily how to turn on my cars headlights, or where my phone is, and my favorite doing things without realizing it. For example, I went to take off my make-up the other night and I washed my face then preceded to take off my eye make-up. Luckily before I got the cotton ball to my face I smelled finger nail polish remover...... I stopped and looked at the cotton ball in my hand, sure enough I had put nail polish remover instead of make-up remover on the cotton ball. Oops.

One other pregnancy symptom that is creeping me out are all the dreams. I have the most bizarre dreams. These dreams range from past experiences amped up to the day I deliver. My most recent and bizarre was that I was at a Tennessee football game with a black spider. Then I was on the porch deck of my old house in labor. I gave birth to a baby fox. Another strange one, I was at my doctors appointment waiting to see the doctor. My mom was there and we were talking about how bad we wanted to see the baby. So, I just decided we would have a look. He came out fully clothed and we were holding him and cooing. Then I said, "Oh, no I have to put him back in the doctor's coming!"

That being said I have 7 weeks left of my pregnancy and I'm starting to get super nervous about the delivery. So, I went on YouTube the other day to do some research. I mean I haven't seen a birthing video since middle school. Big mistake. The videos only freaked me out more! Needless to say I will not have a mirror between my legs during my birth!
Seeing that first hand will definitely change the way I look at my vagina forever. And I already told Jerbob that his butt better stay right up near my head or I will punch him!

I also tried zumba recently. I'm sure I looked like a big fat goob trying to learn all these hip shaking moves but I had a blast. All the other women found it amusing I'm sure, that when I couldn't do a move I just made up my own. Most of these made-up moves resembled the dish washer and chicken dance. Zumba will definitely get your rear in shape though, the next morning I was sore all over. I unfortunately won't be able to do zumba for the remainder of my pregnancy but this chick has definitely found a new work out routine for  losing post-baby weight.

Jerbob is getting really excited about his baby boy too. So excited that I had to beg him to help me set up our Lil guy's baby corner, as we call it. We live in a one bedroom house so no baby room just yet. My persisting need to re-organize and re-decorate I've been told is called nesting. Men apparently do not have the nesting instinct. I see this as just another excuse for me to bug the crap out of Jerbob to get him to hang and re-hang pictures and move furniture weekly. He loves it. Along with the nightly back and feet rubs. ;) I adore being pregnant for this reason. I can't get him to paint my toe nails yet but I'm still working on it. ;)

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