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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Round 2

I am in day 2 of this stomach thing and couldn't be more exhausted and miserable. On a sunny note my lil cooking bundle of joy, who I forgot to mention was a boy, has been very active over the past 48 hours. The movement I feel is insane at this point in the pregnancy. It's no longer just a subtle movement where you question if its gas or not, it is a full blown kick or sometimes a complete roll. These rolls can sometimes cause a spontaneous urge to pee. Jeez, gotta love it though.

I mentioned in my last post about people telling you their pregnancy horror stories, well I heard another one that scared the shit out of me. This particular story, or comment I should say, came from a man. He looked at me seriously and said, "hey you know that a human fetus is a parasite?" I just looked at him with my mouth probably gaping open. Who says something like that? So for the past week this man's comment has haunted me. Everytime I felt weak, tired, or extremely hungry I thought my baby's like a parasite?
Obviously, I don't really feel that way about my lil jelly bean but the comment still shook me up.  Stupid men.

Jer-bob, my husband, cooked me dinner last night since I was feeling sick. Poor thing, Instead of fixing me a can of veggie soup or a baked potato he cooks chicken nuggets. Love his heart. After explaining how to cook the chicken he brings me a plate with a proud face and says, "aren't you glad you married a guy who cooks!" 

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  1. It gets better. It gets so much better:). During my pregnancy I couldn't -stand- the smell of cooking meat. My husband actually had to go out to eat if he wanted anything other than a vegetable. And yes, you will chase Jer-bob around and want more sex than you ever imagined. Just tell him to hold on:)!